Shanoo Sharma Auditions: Complete details of acting auditions at Yash Raj Films

Check out details of Shanoo Sharma auditions at Yash Raj Films casting.


Shanoo Sharma auditions Yash Raj Films casting

The dates for Open Introductions for the month of November 2018 are:

3rd November 2018 (Saturday): 11am – 5pm

4th November 2018 (Sunday): 11am – 5pm

Venue: 3rd Floor, Yashraj Films Casting Office, Film Industry Welfare Trust Building, Ajivasan Compound, Near S.N.D.T College, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400054.

Girls/Women: Please keep your makeup minimal (natural), clothes basic, not too many prints or bright colours.

Boys/Men: Please wear casual jeans with checked or plain shirts, not too many prints or bright colours, plain T-shirts will also do.

People who do not reside in Mumbai, please send us your 30 second introduction video on with your work links and contact details

Important Note for Yash Raj’s acting auditions:
1) People who have already given an intro in our office in the past 6 months need not come as we already have your intros saved in our database and we will not take your intro again.
2) We would request everyone to travel by local commute to avoid a traffic jam or you can park your vehicles on the main road as no private vehicles will be allowed to be parked inside Ajivasan Society.
3) We will not be taking intros after 5:00 pm strictly.

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